Rahnegar | Management consulting company

In today’s world, countries and organizations are competing in a knowledge-based economy that, In this context, knowledge is the most important source and learning is the main process. Emphasis on the role of technology tools, the importance of knowledge in wealth creation and human resources priorities, are the highlights of this attitude.
 In Iran, the necessity of realization of the goals of the 20-year national vision of Iran, especially with regard to the importance of achieving the resistance economy, importance of role of knowledge-based management is more than ever.

In this regards, Rahnegar Management consulting company, is a one of the activist company in the fields of strategic planning, policy and technology management and human resource management and some related field in Iran. Rahnegar was Established in 2010.


Rahnegar’s Mission is as follow :
Scientific influence on the process of planning and policy making in different parts in Iran
Improving knowledge management and science and technology policy to promote, educate and disseminate the results of projects conducted Applications
Improving level of management in government organization and private companies to provide consulting services
National human capital development through training, consulting services and human resource management
Development of knowledge-based culture with an emphasis on the need to adapt to national conditions
The formation of a network of capable research circles, national and international levels

Specialized Units

Technology Management Unit

HR Unit

Human Resources Management

Strategic Management Unit